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Arts education is advancing in schools across LA County every day. Children learn to think creatively. Teachers and artists expand their knowledge and skills. Stakeholders develop skills to implement change. Policymakers become informed. Here is a sampling of those stories.

Residency Grant Program

It’s 9:30 a.m. on a sunny February morning. In a multi-function room just off a courtyard in the Joseph Gascon Elementary School complex, parents of kindergartners are engaged in full body movement and unison speech heavy on action verbs under the direction of Bluepalm’s Tom Crocker. Read the full story here.

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Watch the video below: “Moved to learn language –
Bluepalm makes the brain-body connection in Montebello”
Filmed 2011

Community Arts Team


Wiseburn School District
Filmed 2007

Artist in Residence Program

Burbank Unified School District and Rock the Classroom
Filmed 2007

Classroom Arts

Compton Unified School District and Dramatic Results
Filmed 2007

Professional Artist School-based Training Program

Filmed 2007

Appropriation Sub Committee

March 28th Hearing
Filmed 2007